And So It Begins

I’ve stayed away from my blog for a while now. Mainly due to the fact that races haven’t been what I had hoped. The Rock N’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon was a disaster after 5 miles, and I had to pull out of the Rock N’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon the day before with a tight hamstring. Figured it was better to play it safe and not race rather than racing and making the matter much worse. Frustrating times, especially when I was in PR shape for both races. But shit happens, right? Learn from it, move on, and get ready for the next one.

After pulling out of the RnR LA Half, I found myself in a pretty bummed out mood. Maybe even a little depressed. I was definitely not any fun to talk to that day. I mean can you blame me? When you’re so used to doing something you love and then you randomly have to take a couple days off sucks to say the least. Being in great shape, and not being able to showcase that is even more of a bummer.

With that tight hamstring coming out of nowhere, coach and I came to the conclusion that I probably wasn’t drinking enough water. So I was given direct orders to make sure I drink plenty of water daily to avoid anything random like that popping up again.

A couple of days of easy running went by, and the hamstring was back to normal. Even though I was feeling back to normal, I was told to take the rest of the week easy, as Sunday November 1st the real “fun” begins. That “fun” just so happens to be marathon training. Yup. It’s that time to start my marathon buildup for the Olympic Trials on February 13th on the streets of Los Angeles.

It’s still so surreal to me that I’ll be competing in the Olympic Trials. The mother f*****g OLYMPIC TRIALS! Words can’t even describe what a blessing it is to just be able to qualify, and toe the line with all of the other best professional runners in the nation all vying for that elusive spot on the United States Olympic Team.

These next few months leading up to the trials I’ll be more focused and determined than ever. I want the trials to be a memorable day not only for myself, but for my family, friends, Coach Vigil and everyone who supports me. The weekend of the trials means more to me than just any other race. The day after the Olympic Trials will be a year to the day that my grandmother passed away. She never got to see me race in person, so i’ll be running with a heavy heart while trying to honor her, and make her proud as she watches from above.

I’m excited to log the miles, and do the workouts that are planned for me. Next up: Dana Point Turkey Trot 10k on Thanksgiving Day.

And so it begins, the pain train to LA is officially underway!

P.S. Here’s a new song, “I’ll Show You” by Justin Bieber. Yes, I’m a Belieber too.