Update: Boulder Trip

It’s been over a month since I last posted, and I’ve debated over and over if I actually wanted to keep posting again. Since I’m finally enjoying running again, I’m going to try and update this blog as frequently as I can for those who actually care to read. My posts will vary from races, trips, training, and will most likely have some sort of rap lyric, probably Kanye, thrown in the posts somewhere. But beware, I’ll probably ramble on about certain things, as my thoughts are always all over the place.

So where should I start? I guess I’ll go ahead and briefly get into my trip to Boulder, CO a couple of weeks ago. I ended up making a trip out to Boulder to check out what it’s like to train & live at altitude with Roots Running Project. Alia Gray (badass runner who’s also coached by Vigil) & Richey Hansen (coach of the group & much more) were gracious enough to have me out there and host me at their place for the few days I was there. From the time I first stepped in Boulder, I fell in love. Beautiful scenery everywhere. From a guy who’s used to seeing desert all around, or smog when traveling throughout So Cal, it was a great change to see the mountain scenery. I was able to get in a solid tempo on the roads/alter-G, get my ass kicked by a tough long run the following day at altitude and try new strength and core routines. They showed me great spots to eat, breweries, coffee shops(very important), amazing runs, scenic views and everything you could think of. Most importantly they welcomed me and made me feel like I was a part of the group from the time I got there. I would share everything I experienced while I was there, but that would take waaayyy too long. So just know it was an amazing trip, and that I fell in love with Boulder. I’m very thankful to Alia, Richey, Jasper(their great dane), Mara Olson(another badass runner in the group), for showing me what it would be like to be a part of Roots Running Project. Can’t wait to go back to Boulder.

Long run in Boulder, CO sat the Rez

Long run in Boulder, CO at the Rez

Everything has been changing for me these past few months. I probably never would have actually made a trip to check out a place in altitude at the start of the summer, but then I started working with Coach Vigil. I’m pretty sure all of the other athletes he coaches are at altitude, except for me. But talking to him, I realized how much of an impact it can be to live & train at altitude. Especially doing the training that we do. I also just recently became sponsor-less (tough choice I made), due to the fact the racing flats I were using were causing me foot issues. I am forever grateful for all Brooks did for me, but knew I needed to find a shoe that worked perfect for me as I prepared for the Olympic Trials Marathon in February. Life always throws some sort of obstacle at you, but I’ve learned you just have to embrace it and go with the flow. As my favorite artist would say “and the weather so breezy, man, why can’t life always be this easy?” I’ve dealt with SO many changes these past few years, but can’t be mad that I always choose to follow my heart, and try to do what I feel makes me happy. Because at the end of the day, if you’re happy, then there’s nothing to complain about.

People keep asking me if I’m going to be joining a group, or going after another sponsor now that I’m a “free agent” and in due time I’ll be announcing some exciting changes that I’ll be making. Enough of this rambling though. I’m 6 days out from the Rock N’ Roll San Jose Half-Marathon, which will be my first race in 5 months. 5 MONTHS! Man it’s been a long time. I’m excited to test my fitness against a tough field, and will do a race preview post on my way up to San Jose on Friday. So thanks to whomever is reading this ramble I went on, and hope you keep checking out the other ramblings I’m sure to post.

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P.s. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite performances of one of my favorite songs