I’m half asleep typing this, so be easy on this post.

After I ran an Olympic Trials qualifying time in the half-marathon at the start of 2014, my training and racing have been like a roller coaster ride. Plenty of great workouts, followed by many upsetting races, and a couple of “decent” races. Felt the highest of highs, then experienced the lowest of lows. Confidence broken.

During that period I moved up north, got a new coach, then moved back home after 6 months after being completely unhappy with where my running was going. Rocky training periods, caused me to pull out of all of my fall races of 2014. Leading into the 2015 track season I was excited to get back to racing, but things still weren’t clicking. After all that, I decided to pull the plug on the rest of my spring season, and seek out a new coach to guide me back to where I needed to be.

Fast forward to the beginning of July, and I started working with the greatest coach in the world. Dr. Joe Vigil. If you don’t know who he is, look him up. He’s coached the best, and continues to coach athletes performing at the highest level. The past 5 weeks I’ve been challenged in so many new ways, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. I haven’t been this happy with my running in so long, and I owe it all to Coach Vigil. The confidence he instills in me is what I needed. We’re working on all of my weaknesses,  while utilizing my strengths. Confidence is slowly, but surely coming back.

This is the recharge I needed.

I’m still adjusting to the new training, but am getting excited to get back to racing. With a new found swagger and confidence, I hope to notch a huge PR come September 27th at the Rock N’ Roll San Jose Half-Marathon. For now I’ll be grinding away in the heat of the desert before spending a few days in Boulder, CO in a couple of weeks.

Until next time.


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